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Welcome to the dark side! This website is for the people who have joined the evil forces of Jaded Karma! We are a PvE/Raiding guild and we also PvP it up! We have all come together to take back what is rightfully ours! This guild does not accept drama of any kind so if you love to cause trouble please do us a favor and get off the site! We will be doing different events from raiding to pvp nights even maybe just kick back and get drunk on vent and help each other level! Just remember anyone is welcome in this family as long as you treat everyone the way you wanted to be treated! See Ya Soon!
Guild News

1.1.2 Patch Notes — 2/7/2012

floormat82, Feb 8, 12 2:17 PM.

Coming Up in STAR WARS: The Old Republic

floormat82, Jan 30, 12 6:00 PM.

Chart showing the tier loot drops and from what bosses

floormat82, Jan 28, 12 11:58 PM.

List of Set Pieces and where they drop, that I can find

floormat82, Jan 28, 12 11:34 PM.
Energized = Considered Tier 0.5. It's Tionese quality without the set bonuses.
Xenotech = Considered Tier 1.5. It's Columi quality without the set bonuses.
Tionese = Considered Tier 1. Rakata set bonus.
Columi = Considered Tier 2. Rakata set bonus.
Rakata = Considered Tier 3. Rakata set bonus.

Bonus – Bonus bosses, unlocked by doing the bonus inside with flashpoint with different stages, bonus boss usually unlocked by stage 4 or 5.

All bosses, including the minibosses (not listed here) will drop Tionese crystals.

Also for Republic players:

boarding party (BP) = taral V
Foundry = Maelstrom prison
BT = Esseles

Black Talon

Sergeant Boran/GXR-5 Sabotage Droid: Tionese Waist (belt)
Commander Ghulil: Energized pants
Bonus: GXR-7 Command Droid: Tionese ears
Yadira Ban: Columi bracers

False Emperor

Jindo Krey: Tionese gloves
HK-47: Tionese Mainhand
Bonus: Sith Entity: Tionese implants
Darth Malgus: Columi Chest

Directive 7

Interrogator: Tionese wrists (bracers)
Bulwark: Energized chest
Bonus: Replicator: Relic
Mentor: Columi pants


Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel: Tionese wrists (bracers)
Krel Thak: Energized head
Bonus: Guid Patriach: Tionese ear
Darth Serevin: Columi Offhand

Boarding Party

HXI-54 Juggernaut: Relic
Sakan Do’nair: Energized Boots
Bonus: Chief Engineer Kels: Tionese Implant
Commander Jorland & Goonies: Columi gloves

The Foundry

Foundry Guardian: Tionese boots
HK-47: Tionese Offhand
Bonus: Burrower Matriarch: Tionese belt
Revan: Columi boots

Kaon Under Siege

Defend vs Zombies encounter: Xenotech Gloves
Rakghoul Behemoth: Tionese grade mainhand with Q56 color crystal
Bonus: KR-82 Expulser: Columi head
Commander Lk’Graagth: Columi head

8man Eternity Vault: Soa Boss Fight

jassi201025, Jan 24, 12 6:13 AM.
Last boss fight for Eternity Vault!


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